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Dreambox Dm500 Gemini Image 4 70 volahill


dreambox dm500 gemini image 4 70 gemini 4.70 dm 500 client Dreambox DM500 Gemini4.7a Skin by Jaddi33 All of the DLNA client and server are on download from here : "Gemini 4.70 is out. This version is based on Gemini4.70 and have a lot of changes, fixes and bug fixes. Also "Gemini-Server" is now released under MIT license. You can download it from here : " "After the release of the new version of the DLNA client, I found an interesting problem. It seems that the DLNA client Gemini4.70.x for the Dreambox DM500 does not work with the new DLNA server Gemini4.70.x for Dreambox. The client not works with the existing server. However, if you upgrade the server to the new version, then the client starts to work with the new server. So, after upgrading the server and client, you will need to reload the config file by doing the following : 1. Download and unzip the new version of the DLNA client and server as provided in the above mentioned link. 2. Then, edit the file /etc/geminisrv.conf and add the following : server_url = "" The configuration file needs to be edited, because the Dreambox DM500 has a different port on the DLNA server. (i.e. :). In my case, the port for the DM500 is 8080. The server configuration file is provided in the link below. In this configuration file, there is a space between server_url and the port. On the Dreambox DM500, the port for the DLNA server can be found by going to the Applications menu, the choose Utilities, and then from there choose Properties. Then, you can see the port for the DLNA server. " "DLNA client gemini 4.7a download dreambox Dreambox DM500 Gemini4.70a Skin by Jaddi33 I have updated this

Activator Dreambox Dm500 Gemini Image 4 70 Torrent Nulled X64 Pc Exe


Dreambox Dm500 Gemini Image 4 70 volahill

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